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Viennale in Vienna


Viennale in Vienna

The most important film festival in Austria

  Viennale Vienna International film festival in Austria
Viennale in Austria
  Viennale in Vienna Austria 2010
Events in Vienna

The Viennale in Vienna takes place every year in October. It is a festival of more than 300 films, with over 100,000 visitors.

The Viennale has been taking place every year since 1960 and is Austria's most popular film festival. Our hotel team can of course provide you with more information about the Viennale in Vienna.

Viennale in Vienna celebrates its anniversary

The Viennale lasts two weeks - the most important event in Vienna for film makers and cinéastes. The film showings are distributed among many festival theaters: Gartenbaukino, Künstlerhaus, Urania, Metro-Kino, Stadtkino and the Filmmuseum. Most of these cinemas are in the First District, and are therefore especially easy to reach from Hotel Capri. In 2013 the Viennale in Vienna runs from October 24th to November 6th.

Viennale General Program

There are also numerous official and unofficial satellite events taking place during the Viennale in Vienna, like live shows by artists, concerts, discussions, exhibitions and parties. One will often have the opportunity to meet well-known actors and even take place in discussions about specific films. In 2012 120 directors and actors visited the events around the Viennale festival. Experience the Viennale in Vienna

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