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Danube Vienna Austria


Along the Beautiful Blue Danube

The Vienna-Bratislava Ship: Your link to Slovakia

  Vienna Bratislava Ship Ausria
The Vienna-Bratislava Ship
  Beach Bars in Avianna Austria
Beach Clubs in Vienna

Vienna’s waterfronts on the new and old Danubes, as well as the Danube Canal, attract all manner of visitors to the riverbanks for a boat ride - like with the Vienna-Bratislava catamaran, the Twin City Liner to Bratislava.

Even from the banks, Vienna’s waterfronts are the perfect place to enjoy the entire day, for example at Tel Aviv Beach or Hermann Strandbar Vienna. Both of these very popular beack clubs are on the banks of the Danube Canal in Vienna.

With the Vienna Bratislava ship to Bratislava in record time

The Vienna Bratislava Ship is a fast jet-propulsion catamaran. With a top speed of around 60 km/h, you’ll take the trip from Vienna to Bratislava in only 75 minutes - and return in the evening. Bratislava is the charming capital of Slovakia. Time for a stroll though the historic old town should definitely be part of any sightseeing program. One of Bratislava’s landmarks is Bratislava castle, towering high over the banks of the Danube. You can crown your day excursion with the Vienna Bratislava Ship with a visit to a restaurant or a museum.

Tel Aviv Beach and Hermann Strandbar Vienna

Hermann Strandbar has over the past few years established itself as a summer hotspot for the Viennese. It is open daily from 10:00am through 2:00am from April through October. Everay day, the bar team serves countless guests wishing to relax on the banks of the Danube, watching as the Vienna Bratislava Ship passes by. In 2009, the beach club scene in Vienna expanded by one more location: Tel Aviv Beach conveys precisely that attitude toward life for which the Israeli metropolis is known around the world. Both beach clubs offer an opportunity to indulge in the senses, whether through the cuisine or the music. Incidentally, the Badeschiff Vienna, a pool swimming in the Danube, is its own special experience complete with delicious cocktails, good food and its own disco in the cargo hold.

Your own experiences along the banks of the Danube

Whether on the Vienna Bratislava Schiff or in a beach club: there is much to experience up and down the Danube. And the best thing is, there’s only one metro station between the Hotel Capri and the Danube Canal, the Twin City Liner Station, Strandbar Hermann and Tel Aviv Beach. Send your non-binding rates request to our hotel team as soon as you can.