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Vienna State Opera Austria

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The World Famous Vienna State Opera

A first-class opera house right near the Hotel Capri

  State Opera in Vienna Austria
Vienna State Opera

The Viennese love their opera! Experience unforgettable performances with world-class artists in the Vienna State Opera House in the heart of the city on the Danube.

The State Opera House Vienna is regarded as the 'First House' on the ring and is not only the most important opera house in Vienna but also one of the most famous opera houses in the world. Experience more about the State Opera House which as well as many other sightseeings of the city is located right near your Hotel in Vienna.

Opera house of international reputation: Vienna State Opera House

The State Opera House in Vienna was opened in 1869 and has established itself over the past 140 years as a first-class opera house. The world-famous Vienna Philharmonic is considered by many to be the best orchestra in the world. The opera house itself boasts over 1,700 available seats with an additional 560 standing places. This is more than enough room to visit one of the first-class performances at the Vienna State Opera House. The architecture of the house is as remarkable and impressing as Belvedere Palace.

The State Opera House in Vienna: The family opera house.

Opera productions suited for children are a fixture at the State Opera House Vienna. A number of childrens' operas are performed in a specially-constructed tent on the roof of the opera house. The program even includes Mozart's 'Magic Flute' which is on the schedule every year, and yearly exactly one day before the the famous Vienna Opera Ball.

The Opera Ball in the State Opera House Vienna

The internationally-renowned Opera Ball takes place every year on the last Thursday during 'Fasching' (Carnival) in the State Opera House Vienna. Many well-known people from the business world, politics and show business honor the Vienna Ball with their presence.

Hotel Capri near the Vienna State Opera House

From the State Opera House Vienna it's a short ten minutes the Hotel Capri by car or public transportation. Book your hotel room today. Your hotel team is always ready to take your online booking.