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Ferris wheel prater Vienna Austria

Holidays in Vienna

The Prater near Hotel Capri Vienna

The Prater experience: 'Riesenrad' and 'Wurstlprater'

  Ferris Wheel in Vienna Austria
Ferris wheel in Vienna
  The Prater in Vienna Austria
The Prater in Vienna

During your stay at the Hotel Capri Vienna discover the city's favorite recreation and amusement park: The Vienna Prater.

All guests of the Hotel Capri Vienna can reach the park in minutes by strolling down the main Praterstraße boulevard. Six square kilometers of local parkland including a large amusement park are all there for your pleasure, in particular the Vienna 'Wurstlprater' with the world famous Riesenrad (Big Wheel).

Riesenrad and Prater near the Hotel Capri Vienna

The Vienna Prater is one of the largest green areas in Vienna. Whether you wish to go strolling, running or simply relax peacefully, this local leisure park is an inspiration to locals and guests alike. In the Vienna Prater near the Hotel Capri Vienna you and your children are guaranteed an enjoyable time!

Vis-á-vis Hotel Capri Vienna: The Vienna Wurstlprater and the Riesenrad

Kids and adults all find what they like among the numerous attractions in the Vienna Wurstlprater amusement park. The rollercoaster, ghost train, motor racing curcuit, shooting gallery or mini railroad... The Vienna Wurstlprater near the Hotel Capri Vienna exists to offer nothing but fun and variety.

A turn on the Riesenrad (Big Wheel), one of the most famous sightseeings of the city, will undoubtedly be an unforgetable experience. Fifteen large passenger gondols ferry visitors upwards: Enjoy a beathtaking view of the entire city of Vienna and its landmarks. You will even see the Hundertwasser House which is 2 kilometers away from the Wheel! Afterwards, relax in the Schweizerhaus, known and loved city-wide for its typical Viennese Cuisine.

Your Holiday in the Hotel Capri Vienna near Praterstern

Choose the Hotel Capri Vienna if you wish to have your holiday near the center of the city as well as the Vienna Prater with its famous Riesenrad. Our team awaits your non-binding request. You will receive a response right away.