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City hall in Vienna austria

Holidays in Vienna

Historic Rathaus (City Hall) Vienna

The mayor's official residence

  City Hall in Vienna Austria
City hall in Vienna
  Town hall square in Vienna Austria
Viennese town hall square

This building, built at the end of the 19th century, is an impressive example of neogothic design. On the adjoining square in front of the city hall there are a number of popular public events.

Delight in the impressive architecture of the Vienna City Hall and relax in its park. The closely situated city hall park is especially inviting in the summer for a stroll or just relaxing. If you go along the lower Danube in a few minutes you will found yourself directly in front of the Vienna Prater.

Vienna City Hall: History

The city hall in Vienna, located at the edge of the city's First District, was erected from 1872 to 1883 by the architect Friedrich von Schmidt. This famous architect also designed numerous churches and schools in Vienna. Today the city hall houses the working offices of the Viennese mayor and the city council which also functions as the local parliament.

Events on the 'Rathaus' (City Hall Square) in Vienna

Many events take place thoughout the year either in the city hall itself or on the City Hall Square. The Life Ball is a flashy international charity event in which many national and international stars participate. The Vienna Film Festival is another event where numerous top-class productions from opera, ballet, jazz and world music are shown. The festival is traditionally opened on the city hall square and is free for everyone. In the winter months the City Hall Vienna transforms into an idyllic Christmas market and then in January into the 'Vienna Skating Rink': an ice skating rink with an impressive backdrop in the center of Vienna.

Visit the City Hall and the City Hall Park Vienna

Passing by countless remarkable sightseeings of the city your walk from the Hotel Capri to the City Hall Vienna takes about 30 minutes. The metro delivers you there in less that 15 minutes. Experience the city hall and reserve your rooms at the centrally located Hotel Capri. Contact us now via online booking.