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The Prater in Vienna in Austria

Holidays in Vienna

The Prater in Vienna

The largest park in the city is right near your holiday hotel!

  The oldest leisure park in the world in the Viennese Prater
The Prater in Vienna
  The Prater in Vienna Austria
The Prater in Vienna

The Vienna Prater is more than just a huge recreation area and green space. The Prater also includes the oldest amusement park in the world.

In the Vienna Prater there is much to discover: the Riesenrad (Big Wheel), ghost train, and extensive green area have attracted generations of families to this recreation area.

The Prater in Vienna: nature in the middle of town

The Prater in Vienna is a several square-kilometer park area right in the middle of the city. The prater is in the second municipal district right near the City Hotel Capri and the Danube Island. Many Viennese families enjoy this recreation area to take a break from everyday life and picnic or stroll in a natural setting. A visit to the Vienna Wurstlprater amusement park in the western corner of the Prater is fun for the whole family.

The Prater in Vienna: a city landmark

On of the landmarks of the city is found in the middle of the Wurstl Prater amusement park in Vienna: The Vienna Riesenrad (Big Wheel). It was erected in 1897 to mark the 50th anniversary of the crowning of Kaiser Franz Joseph I and was the biggest Ferris wheel in the world at that time. The Riesenrad is a 60-meter tall iron structure which carries 15 gondolas upward to the highest point and then back downward to ground level. The view of Vienna from the gondolas is fantastic. A nostalgic ride on the Riesenrad is a must on every family holiday in Vienna. The kids will especially love attractions like the ghost train, the rollercoaster, the go-cart circuit, shooting galleries and much more.

It’s easy to have fun in the Vienna Prater

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