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The Museumsqurtier in Vienna Austria

Holidays in Vienna

MuseumsQuartier Vienna

The largest cultural complex in Austria

  The Museumsqurtier in Vienna Austria
The Museumsqurtier in Vienna
  The Museumsqurtier in Vienna Austria
Art in Vienna

The Museum Quarter in Vienna is not only the largest cultural complex in Vienna, it is also one of the world's ten biggest.

Be sure to experience the 'MuQua', the name given it by the Viennese. The locals come for the variety of cultural offerings as well as to relax in the recreation area.

Museum Quarter Vienna: The city's cultural quarter

The MuseumsQuartier's central location right on the ring quickly made it a highly popular cultural center. It covers 60,000 square meters where a multitude of cultural institutions and establishments are housed, along with cafés and restaurants. Large ashlar in white and grey dominate the MuseumsQuartier's landscape in Vienna. One houses the Leopold Museum and the other the museum for modern art.

More and more culture in the Vienna Museumsquartier

Apart from the Leopold Museum and the Museum for Modern Art there are also the Architecture Center Vienna, artists studios as well as cultural places for children open the whole year round. Other than that, you will find festivals like the Vienna Festwochen, the Film Festival Viennale, Impuls Dance Festival and many other cultural events and concerts in the Museum Quarter that have taken place for number of years.

Visit the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna

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