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Gustav Klimt – special exhibitions 2012

Anniversary exhibition for the artist’s 150th birthday

  Klimt birthday in Vienna
© Albertina, Vienna
  Anniversary of Gustav Klimt in Vienna
© Belvedere, Vienna

It would have been Gustav Klimt’s 150th birthday in 2012. Many museums in his hometown Vienna present for this occasion fantastic special exhibitions.

Come to Vienna in 2012 and see not only the famous painting “The Kiss” in the Belvedere gallery, but also posters and prints in the Vienna Museum. Visit Klimt’s studio and his mansion the “Klimt Villa” in Austria’s capital. Discover the modern era in Vienna.

An overview over the exhibitions during the Klimt anniversary year

          Highlight: presentation of many yet unseen drawings

          The collaboration between Klimt and Josef Hoffmann, the architect, will be shown.

          Above others, 13 paintings and their sketches will be shown – see how the artists painted the huge hallway in the

          Museum of Fine Arts

          170 works allow an insight to the artist’s artistic world

          Paintings from Emilie Flöge’s legacy will be shown, as well as letters between her and Klimt

          Explore Kilmt’s influence as a member of the Künstlerhaus

          Visit the only preserved studio, Klimt used to work in 


Walk on the artist’s traces through Vienna and send us your no obligation holiday enquiry or book your room online