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Gustav Klimt - Viennas most famoust artists

Art in Vienna

  Gustav Klimt works in Vienna
© Belvedere, Vienna

In 2012 Vienna celebrateted one of its most popular sons. Gustav Klimt was born in 1862 and 2012 was the big anniversary year. He is considered to be one of the great exponents of the art nouveau era, when he initially was to become a gold engraver. But his life turned out to go in another direction.

Although Gustav Klimt’s father, a gold engraver, wanted his son to do the same job as him, Gustav got a scholarship at the Viennese art school. His first works were ceiling frescos, which you can still see at the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Vienna Secession

In 1897 Klimt separated himself from the Vienna Art House art society and funded with two other contemporaries the Vienna Secession – it is here, where you can still find one of his most popular works: the Beethoven Frieze. When the other artists became too “naturalistic”, he quitted the Secession.

Klimt was awarded many times for his work. Many exhibitions in cities like Venice, Rome, Budapest, Munich, Dresden or Prague show his immense influence.

Life and love

Klimt painted a lot of women’s portraits, which all have a very erotic side to them. He allegedly had several affairs with his models, like Adele Bloch-Bauer or Serena Lederer. The love of his life though, was Emilie Louise Flöge.

Gustav Klimt was quite a controversial, but at the same time popular artist in Vienna. He is considered one of the art nouveau’s great exponents and his paintings are still some of the world’s most expensive ones. His most important and popular work is “The Kiss”, which can be seen in the Belvedere in Vienna.

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  Work of Gustav Klimt in Vienna
© Belvedere, Vienna
  Work of Gustav Klimt in Vienna
© Albertina, Vienna
  Work of Gustav Klimt in Vienna
© Leopold Museum, Vienna