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Grinzing - Heurigen district in Vienna

Holidays in Vienna

Heurigen in Vienna

What you need to know about Vienna's wine garden culture

  Wineyard in Vienna Austria
Heurigen in Vienna
  Heurigen in Vienna Austria
Heurigen in Vienna

'Heurige' is the name used for both the young local wine (Heurig literally means “this year’s”) and for the establishment that serves it. Similar to a beer garder, Vienna’s wine gardens, or wine taverns, are also known for the music played there.

A visit to a wine garden in Vienna is a must for every visitor. Enjoy Vienna and taste the delicious Austrian young wines which are produced in the Vienna city outskirts on more than 700 hectares of  land.

Information about the Heurigen in Vienna

The Heurigen in Vienna are found on the outskirts of the city in beautiful places like Grinzing, Sievering, Neustift am Walde, Stammersdorf, Strebersdorf, Mauer, Oberlaa and Nußdorf to name a few. The original pastoral character of the Heurigen in Vienna is still seen in these parts of the city. All Heurigen Districs are easy to reach by public transportation, so you can try as much of Vienna’s young wines as you like in Vienna’s Heurigen without a guilty conscience.

Heuriger in Vienna: 'Gemütlichkeit' with wine and song

The music from the mid-19th century so typical to the Heurigen in Vienna was created by the Schrammel brothers and is played today in the Vienna Heurigen. These old Vienna songs are a big part in the cozy atmostphere so typical of the Heurigen in Vienna. Come to a Vienna Heurigen and enjoy a young wine from Austria in the shade of majestic trees or in a centuries-old wine cellar.

Visit a Heurigen in Vienna

Your visit to an original Heurigen in Vienna will not be soon forgotten. It is best to plan an entire evening, so mention this in your non-binding request. Our team at the Hotel Capri will send you a response right away, along with some suggestions.