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Restaurants in Vienna Austria


Restaurants in Vienna: Indulge in Tradition

Savour original Viennese cuisine

  Restaurants in Vienna Austria
Restaurants in Vienna
  Viennese cuisine austria
Viennese cuisine

A mere list of the many famous foods of Vienna’s local cuisine is enough to excite the tastebuds. And rightly so. Restaurants and Vienna: a combination that always satisfies.

Viennese gulasch, boiled filet with horseradish, schnitzel, Sachertorte, Kaiserschmarrn and a range of sausages… only a small selection from what you’ll find in the many heurigen and restaurants in Vienna.

Restaurant Vienna: fine dining at its best

The culinary arts are held in high regard in Vienna: In just about every street there’s a restaurant in Vienna; in some districts the concentration of restaurant is especially high. In addition to original Viennese restaurants and heurigen you’ll also find Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Greek restaurants in Vienna. The culinary diversity surrounding Hotel Capri leaves nothing to be desired - no less than five restaurants recommended by our team are within a few minutes’ walk from the hotel.

Austrian wine in your restaurant in Vienna

You’ll find Viennese wine in almost any restaurant in Vienna, especially in the city’s heurigen. The traditional Viennese heurigen districts of Grinzing, Sievering and Nußdorf, or even Kahlenbergerdorf, are well worth the outing if only for the young wines served to joyful guesta. The food and original Viennese “Schrammelmusik“ are essential components of the coveted Viennese Heurigen culture.

Are you looking for your favorite restaurant? You’ll find it in Vienna.

Do you value good quality in a restaurant? You’ll find Vienna the perfect choice. Our Hotel Capri team is happy to inform you about restaurants in Vienna. Send us your non-binding holiday inquiry today. Your journey of culinary discovery through Vienna is about to begin!