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Schoenbrunn palace in Vienna Austria

Holidays in Vienna

Sightseeing Vienna: Schönbrunn Palace

Imperial summer residence and gardens at Schönbrunn

  Schoenbrunn palace in vienn in Austria
Schoenbrunn palace
  Gloriette on the Schoenbrunn palacial grounds
Gloriette in Schoenbrunn

On your sightseeing tour, view the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace - in 1996 placed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Schönbrunn Palace with its luxurious imperial rooms, extensive palace grounds and Gloriette overlook are a must when sightseeing: Vienna and the flair of the Habsburg Monarchy await you.

Sightseeing Vienna: Luxurious Schönbrunn Palace

Around 1.5 millionen guests per year don’t miss the opportunity to view the historic splendour of Schönbrunn Palace. A tour through the imperial chambers begins in the living rooms of Kaiser Franz Joseph and his wife Elisabeth, leads through the grand rooms occupied by Maria Theresia, and ends in the Franz-Karl-Apartments.

On the vast Schönbrunn Palacial Grounds you'll also find numerous other interesting buildings, bountiful gardens and spacious parks. After a guided tour through the imperial apartments, you can continue your Sightseeing Vienna Tour through the splendid parks, visit the stunning Gloriette as well as other magnificent attractions as for example Hofburg.

Sightseeing Vienna: Reserve your hotel room

Sightseeing Vienna: With public transportation from Hotel Capri you need only around 15 minutes to reach Schönbrunn Palace. A trip that makes perfect sense in every way. Schönbrunn Palace is without a doubt one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Vienna. By the way, the oldest zoo in the world - Tierpark Schönbrunn - is also on the palace grounds. Our Hotel Capri Team is eagerly awaiting your non-binding holiday request. See you soon in Vienna!