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Viennese Ball Season Austria


Vienna Ball Season

Visit Vienna's most beautiful ball events

  Viennese Ball Season Austria
Viennese Ball Season
  Ball Season in Vienna Austria
Balls in Vienna

Every year, locals and international come in droves to Vienna’s 300 or more ball events. Everything from a ball especially for café owners to the world-famous Opera can be there.

Ball Season in Vienna offers numerous opportunities to experience an exhilarating ball evening. Welche Ball-Veranstaltungen besonders zu empfehlen sind, weiß unser Team des Hotels Capri Vienna.

The highlights of the ball season in Vienna

More than 200,000 visitors per year - that’s Ball Season in Vienna. Every ball is in usually dedicated to a specific theme and has its own historic background. The traditional Opera Ball in the Vienna State Opera House is a first-class society event. Many business, political and entertainment V.I.P.'s would never miss this carnival-season ball event. The ball season begins with the Kaiserball in the Hofburg in Vienna every year at the New Year. The Philharmonikerball is an especially exclusive event in the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein.

Ball Season Vienna: The professional association balls

Ball season in Vienna is enriched by the events of the many traditional professional associations. The Flower Ball in the festival hall of the Rathaus is organised and put on by caretakers of the city’s parks and gardens. The Café Owner’s Ball is just the right event for those who love the original Vienna coffee house culture. Those with a sweet tooth meet at the 'Zuckerbäckerball', the ball of Vienna's confectioners and bakers.

Your personal ball season in Vienna

The ball season in Vienna is full of specialities and small surprises, all of which are a pleasure to discover. Reserve your entry tickets and enjoy your hotel rooms. We, the Hotel Capri, are please to be your host during the ball season. Vienna is waiting to enchant you, too!